Physical Infrastructure, Modular Buildings, Cabling,Electrical & Mechanical

Centiant has wide experience working in the delivery of bespoke physical infrastructure, Data Centre refresh and modular / containerised Datacentres.
Physical infrastructure: Within a wider project we recently provided network cabling (copper and fibre), containment and electrical installation to many large military sites. This included over 100 buildings at RAF Cosford, connecting various classrooms and accommodation blocks tothe LEARN education network.
This allows students site wide access of training material and internet outside of normal learning environments.

Datacentre transformation: Working with a team of subcontractors Centiant offer datacentre design, manufacture, installation, support and refurbishment services including the provision of UPS, Cabinets, Electrical Distribution, cabling and Air Conditioning. We can provide traditional DC’s, modular buildings and containerised units. Additionally, we can perform refresh on existing datacentres to the latest standards. We have recently transformed a military datacentre from a dark, outdated, inefficient room into a modern bright environment ideal for IT equipment operation. We replaced existing lighting with efficient LED lighting ensuring uniformed and sufficient levels. We introduced new resilient Air Conditioning and replaced electrical infrastructure and flooring to meet latest DC standards.

Containerised Data Centres: Centiant works with its partner Cannonover a wide range of containerised and Modular data centre units. This includes transportable containers that provide a Fully BS EN 50173 / TIA-942 environment, common to traditional datacentres, but offer a deployable capability with rapid set up times.
These units are delivered as standard within ISO containers in various sizes and configurations. Standard configurable features result in customer’s being able to refine their systems to meet their specific requirements and capabilities equalling the internal standards of their static DC equivalents.

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