Virtualisation Virtual Desktop / Server

Technology moves on rapidly in the IT world. Thanks to improvements in software and increasing performance from Servers, Virtualisation desktop Environments are becoming more affordable and offer the same, if not improved, end-user experience as traditional environments.

One of the key advantages of the VDI is it allows legacy applications to be operated in a protected environment whilst allowing the rest of your IT solution to be the latest windows 10 standard.

Centiant’s solution is based on technology from industry leader VMWare. We have delivered many virtual environments in which legacy central applications, requiring access to Flash and/or older versions of Java, are loaded into a virtual machine operating on a Windows 7 environment. Users can simply access this legacy software in a contained and secure environment by clicking on an icon on their desktops.

Key benefits:

 Allows access to legacy systems in a safe and secure environment;
 Reduces application development costs as legacy applications being replaced can operate alongside the new application during transition;
 Reduces licences costs. VDI allows users to share licences for infrequently used programs;
 Cost effective, dependent on the requirement, your existing hardware can support VDI rollout.