Public Sector IT is changing budgets being tighter than ever before. Security risks are increasing; however, users want the same open on the go experience as they have on their own systems. Centiant provide a wide range of technical solutions to meet these challenges, but where do you start? This is where our consultancy provision can help. One such service is our cloud transformation service.

Many Public sector organisations are looking to transition from a single service provider, delivering all services in a combined package to a smart sourced solution. This solution ensures only essential services continue on site with the remaining services being moved to the cloud. This sounds simple and it is a cost effective solution, but where do you start and how do you ensure that when the services from the single source supplier are decommissioned that the lights stay on and users can still operate?

Our cloud transformation service includes the performance of a comprehensive audit of all physical infrastructure and the services hosted internally and externally.
A report is produced recommending the most suitable methods to unpick services and in which order.

Additionally, if the service is ordered as part of one of our network solutions, we can provide a guided transition from the existing all in one service to your desired solution. This includes technical architects and engineers collaborating with customer staff before during and after transition. We can react rapidly during migration to resolve any issues or conflicts between suppliers. We will perform the role of both network provider and customer advisor acting as a technical bridge between you and the cloud provider.